KCAF Wall of Hope

We are honored to have these women on the 2017/2018 KCAF Wall of Hope

Newton Wall of Hope
Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Deborah McIntosh, Kori Burdette, Judith Sheppard, and April McCullough Valerie McCrear, Thelma Haisten, Pamela Terrell and Velma Slaton Joan LeJeune, Michala Hawkins Faith Causey and Ruth Walker

Rockdale Wall of Hope
Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Yvonne Bennett, Deborah McIntosh, Stephanie Howard, Gina Roberts,Toni Vann,Judith Sheppard,Sabrina Holmes, Melissa Shelmutt

Newton Ceremony at the Wall of Hope
Left to Right: Thelma Haisten, Velma Slaton, Kori Burdette, Judith Sheppard, Valerie McCrear, Deborah McIntosh, April McCullough ( not pictured Pamela Terrell)
Newton Ceremony
Left to Right: Deborah McIntosh, Valerie McCrear, Kori Burdette, Velma Slaton, Thelma Haisten, April McCullough
Rockdale Ceremony
Left to Right: Stephanie Howard, Yvonne Bennett, Gina Roberts, Toni Vann, and Deborah McIntosh (not pictured are Judith Sheppard, Melissa Shelmutt)
Benny and Abbey Atkins
Walk of Hope